Garden Mood Light Balls

Make your backyard area come to life during the night with the garden mood light balls. Each waterproof orb is completely buoyant and can be set to one of seven vibrant colors so they’ll always match the motif you have in mind.

269 saves

Forearm Blade Sword

Slash through those rotting zombie corpses like hot butter with the forearm blade sword. Constructed from anodized stainless steel, there’s no post apocalyptic scenario you won’t be able to fight your way out of – except hunger, dehydration, and crippling depression.

568 saves

Labyrinth Movie Dolls

Whisk the kids to a magical land full of excitement and mythical beings with the Labyrinth movie dolls. Crafted with a superb level of artistry, each doll will capture your child’s imagination and keep them entertained for hours – unless they have an iPad. Then they won’t care.

88 saves

Instagram Filter Sunglasses

Make the crappy world around you look as incredible as your Instagram feed of painfully staged photos with the Instagram filter sunglasses. Simply put them on, and watch as the world around you is bathed in a Polaroid-like warmth.

296 saves

Miniature Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Turn your kitchen into your very own personal self-serve ice cream bar with the miniature ice cream sandwich maker. With three different molds to choose from, you’ll be able to custom build your perfect ice cream sandwich – bring on the calories!

243 saves

Harry Potter Themed Monopoly

Bring a little piece of the wizard world into your boring old muggle life with the Harry Potter themed Monopoly. The special edition Monopoly game comes in a distinguished wooden chest and is filled with all the magical characters and places from the series.

259 saves

Star Wars R2-D2 Can Cooler

Keep your drink colder than planet Hoth while your hand remains warm and dry with the Star Wars R2-D2 can cooler. Just when you thought you had this little merchandise cash cow droid all figured out, he proves there’s no job he can’t handle.

235 saves

Push-Pop Confetti

Unleash a fun mini celebration with a single quick release of the push-pop confetti. Upon pushing the stick at the base, an explosion of multi-colored confetti is shot into the air – making it an ideal item for celebrations of all kinds.

255 saves

Color Tiki Torch Flames

Add some visual magic to the atmosphere by lighting the color tiki torch flames at your next nighttime shindig. The easy to light canister burns bright with a vibrant colorful flame that is great for giving the surrounding a little extra character.

476 saves

Inflatable Jumbo Movie Screen

Set up an impromptu movie theater in your backyard with the inflatable jumbo screen. Upon inflation, your guests will be treated to a massive 173 inch screen that lets you appreciate movies and sporting events while your fingers get all pruney.

329 saves

Hunter S. Thompson Finger Puppet

Hang out with the father of Gonzo journalism any time you want with the Hunter S. Thompson finger puppet. Equipped with his signature hat, vest, cigarette holder, and aviator shades, he’s ready for whatever drug and booze infused adventure you have in store.

38 saves

Werewolf Vampire Zombie Killing Kit

Werewolves, vampires, zombies – it doesn’t matter – nothing can stop you from slaying the supernatural when you’ve got this handy weapon. Shaped like a wooden stake that houses silver bullets – it’s a must have item for any sound of mind Doomsday prepper.

227 saves


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The Ultimate Cooler

Step into the future with this incredibly re-designed ultimate cooler. This all-in-one cooler comes built with everything you can possibly need outdoors from a blender, to charging dock and built-in speakers you can connect via Bluetooth.

446 saves

Light Up Word Clock

Help kids – and some adults – tell time with greater ease with the light up word clock. While traditional analog clocks can confuse the dimwitted, the written number face of this light up clock gives you the time in an easy to read and classy display.

396 saves

Inflatable Car Jack

Always be prepared when trudging through unforgiving terrain by bringing along the inflatable car jack. With the inflatable jack on board,  you’ll be able to quickly change a flat in sandy or muddy roads where a conventional jack simply won’t work.

180 saves

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