Ice Cream Sundae High Heels

Whip up a fashionable outfit that’ll turn heads wherever you go next time you hit the town wearing the ice cream sundae high heels. These chic shoes feature a sturdy 5.5″ waffle cone heel complemented by a delectable sundae body and a cherry on top.

100 saves

Zombie Snowflake Pattern

Deck the halls with boughs of the undead this holiday season with this DIY zombie snowflake pattern. The pattern shows you exactly where to fold and cut so that you’re left with intricately designed and spine tingling snowflakes with a horrific zombie twist.

73 saves

Onyx Sofa

The onyx sofa is the stylish way to bring the outdoors indoors without any of the bugs or dirt that go with it. This exotic sofa’s frame was crafted out of a real chunk of volcanic rock and carbon fiber into a piece that captivates the eyes, but probably isn’t all that cozy.

183 saves

Slothzilla Shower Curtain

Avoid costly remodeling jobs and revamp your bathroom’s decor the easy way – with the Slothzilla shower curtain! Made of polyester, this adorable shower curtain not only keeps your bathroom dry but it entertains all with the epic masterpiece portrayed on the curtain itself.

319 saves

Light Up Musical Beer Pong Table

Introducing the light up musical beer pong table – the last beer pong table you will ever want or need. With incredible features such as flashing LEDs and some groovy music to keep the party going, it’s all but guaranteed to take your fiesta to epic proportions.

155 saves

Motorized Solowheel

Increase your dependence on technology for everyday activities with this nifty motorized solowheel. This innovative new form of transportation allows you to stand on a big motorized wheel that’ll take you anywhere you need to go – like a Segway without all the bulk.

224 saves

Comic Book Style Fly Swatters

Convert the mundane task of killing mosquitoes into an action packed activity of epic proportions with comic book style fly swatters. Rather than a plain square, these fly swatters come designed with a comic book action phrase swatter that makes killing flies fun.

148 saves

LEGO Watch

It’s all smiles and good times when you go to check the time on your LEGO watch. This eye-catching timepiece comes in a bright “LEGO yellow” color and features a vibrant and welcoming LEGO man on the face of the watch who is more than eager to tell you the time!

76 saves

Build Your Own Skeleton Book

Build your own skeleton while refreshing your memory on all of the bones in the body. This fun and interactive book includes everything you need to construct your very own and anatomically correct human skeleton – with labels included.

115 saves

Hundred Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

Flaunt your perceived wealth with the hundred dollar bill toilet paper. Now as you do your business and daydream about having fabulous wealth, you can keep the fantasy alive with this roll of realistic looking roll of Benjamins. Wipe on playa, wipe on.

269 saves

Drinking Straw Eyeglasses

The drinking straw eyeglasses gives kids and young at heart adults a fun way to drink their beverage. The novelty glasses accommodate to fit various sizes and feature a transparent frame that allows you to see the liquid as it makes its journey to your parched mouth.

103 saves

Underwater Dogs Photography Book

Witness the strange beauty of dogs outside of their natural habitat with the underwater dogs photography book. This entertaining book offers readers the chance to laugh and smile as they see page after page of hilarious dogs swimming and frolicking underwater.

119 saves


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Cotton Candy Necklace

Enjoy a soft and colorful cotton candy roll without the sticky mess or unwanted calories with the cotton candy necklace. This carnival styled handmade gem features a small and colorful roll of freshly spun cotton candy that’s great for complementing any look.

144 saves

Android Smart Watch

Take a step into the future with the Android smart watch. The first of its kind, the smart watch keep you informed at all times by letting you access real time information when you need it by moving your fingers along the face of the watch. Neat!

258 saves

Minecraft Torch

Keep the hostile bad guys from spawning in your blocky abode by producing level 14 light with the Minecraft torch. The torch is both decorative and functional as its an officially licensed Minecraft product that can be mounted on the wall and/or serve as a light source.

272 saves

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