Vintage Playing Cards

Give your poker nights a wild west feel to it by playing with the vintage playing cards. Each card in this unique deck is distressed in order to achieve a vintage look that’ll make everyone think you picked them up at the general store in the year 1870.

244 saves

Sandbox Bench

Bring the park to your backyard with this fun and functional sandbox bench. Rather than forcing your kids to sit in the sand, it provides two wooden benches in addition to a nice overhead cover to protect from the sun on those hot summer days.

86 saves

Wall-E And Eve Mug Set

After helping all the obese people off their floaties, Wall-E and Eve are here to help with your morning coffee. The Wall-E and Eve mug set are the novelty ceramic mugs designed to look like miniature versions of the most lovable robots you’ve ever met.

231 saves

Rainbow Wig

The rainbow wig is the fun and vibrant hair accessory that’ll fit virtually any outfit your wear. From formal to casual to Halloween costumes, no matter what color scheme you decide to go with, you’ll find a color to match on the rainbow wig.

46 saves

Odor Removing Bar

Keep your hands from smelling like servitude after dealing with smelly ingredients by using the odor removing bar. Simply rub the re-usable bar over your bare hands after working with odorous foods such as garlic and onions to properly eliminate the smell.

177 saves

Glow In The Dark Elvish Dog Collar

Get your unruly dog under control with the one collar to rule them all – the glow in the dark elvish dog collar. This geektastic dog collar is made from vegetable tanned leather and comes with the iconic elvish inscription engraved into it that also glows in the dark.

310 saves

Firefighter Bed Set

Fulfill your child’s dreams of becoming a brave firefighter with the firefighter bed set. Once your ambitious offspring is tucked in, the realistic fireman uniform emblazoned on the comforter and pillow case transforms him/her into a heroic firefighter.

38 saves

Monster Coffee Mugs

Who needs coffee in the morning when you can scare yourself awake? These grotesquely designed mugs – hideous as they may look – are made with a stunning level of artistry for a one of a kind mug no one else will mistake for their own at the office.

60 saves

Gun Shift Knob

Turn regular traffic violation stops into full on arrests with the realistic gun shift knob in your vehicle. This revolver-styled knob includes step by step instructions for installation and is designed to work on both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

243 saves

Crocheted Unicorn Dog Mask

Turn your furry friend into a rare mythical beast with the crocheted unicorn dog mask. This hand made mask fits comfortably over your pup’s face and helps keep him warm while making him look like a majestic and magical white unicorn of lore.

152 saves

Skateboard Carrying Case

Stop struggling to lug around your skateboard – with the nifty skateboard carrying case you can hold your skateboard with ease. The sturdy case provides a convenient way of transporting your deck around like a suitcase – or hanging it from a comfortable shoulder strap.

67 saves

Programmable Wheel Spoke Lights

Light up the streets and stand out from the crowd with the programmable wheel spoke lights. These custom spoke lights equip your bike with 32 LEDs you can program into your own personal multicolored light show that’ll turn heads everywhere you pedal to.

184 saves


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Steampunk Glowing USB Drive

Save important documents in true Victorian fashion with the steampunk glowing USB drive. This 16 gig drive is designed with a distinctive steampunk body and features an embedded crystal that glows bright blue when transferring your data.

322 saves

Super Hearing Aid Amplifier

This isn’t your Grandpa’s hearing aid – this super ear amplifier kit boosts audio by 5000%! Listen in to corporate meetings to gather inside information, or pioneer a new form of suicide by wearing it at a concert. The applications for the super hearing aid are endless!

215 saves

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