Dracula’s Castle

Suck your bank account bone dry by becoming the proud new owner of Dracula’s castle. This is not a model or replica – but the actual castle itself! Perched high above and overlooking an impressive vista, the castle is truly to die and turn for!

592 saves

Wu-Tang Secret Album

For hip-hop heads, owning the Wu-Tang secret album is the equivalent of coming upon the Mona Lisa. Encased in a custom made and hand-decorated silver and nickel box rests the sole copy of the secret double album from iconic hip-hop collective.

426 saves

Private Florida Island

Become the proud owner of an isolated tropical paradise when you purchase one of these private Florida islands. Whether you’re looking for a modern get-away spot or a Castaway-like island, there’s something for everyone! The only bad part is now you’re living in Florida.

1403 saves

Space Shuttle Orbiter Replica

Owning the space shuttle orbiter replica will be one small swipe for your credit card, one giant leap towards fulfilling your astronaut dream. This 1:1 replica is made with excruciating attention to detail to the point where even a fully decked out interior is available.

387 saves

Five Person Exploration Submarine

There’s no better way to splurge some of your vast fortune than by discovering the secrets of the deep with the five person exploration submarine. This five person sub allows you to let out your eccentric side as you and your crew explore the ocean at depths up to 656 feet.

862 saves

James Bond Submarine Car

Explore the depths of the ocean with an iconic piece of cinema history with this fully functional Lotus Espirit submarine. Featured in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”, this highly desired aquatic automobile will be going up for auction soon.

975 saves

Personal Submarine

Quit lugging around bulky diving equipment, now you can explore the deep blue seas safely with your own personal submarine! Practically a steal at the bargain price of just two million dollars, the personal submarine offers unheard of personal underwater exploration.

1153 saves

370 Inch Television

Behold the 370 inch television – the greatest achievement in the history of man – and everything you’ve ever wanted. With 370 inches of pure 4K high definition bliss, you’ll be able to experience your favorite flicks like you never thought possible.

803 saves

Batman Tumbler Replica

The Batman tumbler replica proves you don’t have to be an incredibly gifted fighter or possess a secret hideout to be like the caped crusader, you just need to have his bulging bank account. It’s the ultimate collectible for any Batman fan or comic geek.

1007 saves

Gold Toilet Paper

When wiping with regular hundred dollar bills becomes too pedestrian, why not try gold toilet paper? You’ll get the Midas touch every time you wipe. This regal roll of T.P. comes coated in 22 carat gold and provides your bathroom with a touch of gratuitous wealth.

1190 saves

Diesel Powered MechWarrior

Now you can own your very own diesel powered MechWarrior that stands 13 feet tall and weighs 4.4 tons. Known as the Kuratas, this giant MechWarrior actually has a cockpit for you to ride inside, and looks like a truly promising addition the SkyNet program.

2718 saves

Amphibious Truck

Be prepared for whatever the world throws at you with this massive 30 foot long amphibious truck that is street legal and can hit speeds of 80 miles per hour on the road, and is also capable of going 30 miles per hour on the water.

827 saves

World War II PT Boat

Sail the seven seas on a piece of history with the World War II PT boat. This PT-728 vessel is a fully restored Patrol Torpedo Boat from World War II and one of only 12 remaining PT boats in the world – a real treasure for any serious history collector.

490 saves

Life Size LEGO Star Wars X-Wing

Witness the greatest mash up of LEGO and Star Wars ever with this life size LEGO Star Wars X-Wing. Standing at an unbelievable 11 feet in height and 43 feet in length, this massive LEGO ship was constructed using over 5 million LEGO bricks.

370 saves

Amphibious Recreational Vehicle

If 007 had to drive the family cross-country, he’d take the amphibious recreational vehicle! It’s the perfect combination of functionality and luxury. It can travel over both land and water and also featuresĀ a mirrored ceiling to enjoy the sights as you travel to new lands.

674 saves

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